Sonic Fuel - 30/03/2008

Jazz and fusion, by Trevor Prinn

Sonic Fuel - 30/03/2008

Postby TrevorPrinn » Sun Mar 30, 2008 1:12 pm

Sonic Fuel - 30/03/2008

Brand X - The Poke - Masques
Joe Jackson - The Uptown Train - Rain
Pat Metheny - The Girls Next Door - We Live Here
Miles Davis - Aida - The Man w/the Horn
Didier Malherbe - Fetish - Fetish
John McLaughlin - Aspan - Music Spoken Here
Janne Schaffer - Harvest Machine - The Chinese
Back Door - Jive Grind - Back Door
Laboratorium - The Journey - Quasimodo
Laboratorium - I'm Sorry, I'm Not Driver - Quasimodo
Earthworks - Downtown - Dig
Return To Forever - Beyond the 7th Galaxy - Where Have I Known You Before
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Postby mondstar » Sun Apr 06, 2008 6:18 pm

Absolutely stunning lift-off at your second time at the helm, Trev. And no scratch nor dint when you nonchalantly brought down the disk in the first place. Very debonair, dressy eh ney, stylish. What's an implicit necessity yet is that we get treated to 'Soho' & 'Don't make Waves', will ya? .. oKay, bravissimo.
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