Interviews - Special Providence and Transcend!

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Interviews - Special Providence and Transcend!

Postby Rick and Roll » Sat Oct 06, 2012 9:18 am

Rickter Scale Show 399 – Interviews and music with Special Providence and Transcend!

Airing on

Tuesday, October 9 from 12-3 PM EST and
Wednesday, October 10, from 7-10 PM EST

Two excellent bands are represented this week on the show, with half-hour interviews and plenty of their music.

Special Providence is a well-known band in their native Hungary, but with the release of their third CD, “Soul Alert”, are ready to rule the world. They are playing gigs in Europe, Japan, and India in the next several months and their music is a great mix of fusion, metal, and even electronica. I spoke with Adam Marko, the drummer. The songs to be played, cuts 1-6 and 8 from 2012’s “Soul Alert”:

Babel Confusion
Lazy Boy
The Untold Chapter
The Incredible Flower
Soul Alert

Transcend is a new band from Montreal, Canada and although they are technically lumped into the prog-metal category, their music is much more than that. They have been writing, re-working, and playing their music for 5 years, and finally have recorded their first CD, “The Mind”. It is a double CD and very special. They have a tour date with the band Three and are looking to expand their reach. I spoke with the full band – Costa, Alex, Nico and Jake. Songs from 2011’s “The Mind”:

Entity Divine
The Mind Part 1: The Mind Awaits
The Mind Part 2: To Walk Away
The Mind Part 3: New Horizons
The Mind Part 4: Carved In Stone
The Mind Part 5: In The Shadow Of My Mind
The Mind Part 6: Downfall
The Mind Part 7: Ascension
The Mind Part 8: A New Mind For A New World
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