Stainless Steel Prog - 1/20/20

A show dedicated to the more aggressive side of progressive rock, showcasing bands like Dream Theater, Vanden Plas, Devin Townsend Band, and Evergrey, just to name a few. If you think that God gave you a head in order to bang it, then this is the show for you!

Stainless Steel Prog - 1/20/20

Postby jmmallon » Mon Jan 20, 2020 6:44 pm

Stainless Steel Prog - 1/20/20

1. Black Sabbath - Into The Void (Master Of Reality)
2. Intronaut - City Hymnal (The Direction Of Last Things)
3. Arch/Matheos - On The Fence (Sympathetic Resonance)

4. Star One - Valley Of The Queens (Live On Earth)
5. Queen - Son And Daughter (On Air: Live In Concert)
6. Blue Oyster Cult - Before The Kiss, A Redcap (On Your Feet Or On Your Knees)
7. Rush - In The End (All The World's A Stage)

8. Sweet Oblivion - Disconnect (Sweet Oblivion)
9. Sons Of Apollo - Desolate July (MMXX)
10. Leah - Light Of The World (Ancient Winter)
11. Ray Alder - Lost (What The Water Wants)

12. Blind Guardian - The Martyr (Battalions Of Fear)
13. Arcade Messiah - Red Widow (II)
14. King's X - Out Of The Silent Planet (Gretchen Goes To Nebraska)

15. Pain Of Salvation - Her Voices (The Perfect Element)
16. Pagan's Mind - Walk Away In Silence (Heavenly Ecstasy)
17. Nightingale - Misery (Invisible)
18. S.K.U.R.K. - 666 Personligeter (666 Personligheter)

19. Valence - The Reckoning (Laser Baron)
20. Iron Maiden - Remember Tomorrow (Iron Maiden)
21. Riverside - Embryonic (Rapid Eye Movement)
22. James LaBrie - Lost (Elements Of Persuasion)
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