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The Rickter Scale, with your host Rick Dashiell

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The Red Masque - House Of Ash, from the 2004 album Feathers For Flesh

Lynnette Shelley of The Red Masque - Station ID #2
UFO - Hell Driver, from the 2009 album The Visitor
Echolyn - Memoirs From Between, from the 1992 album Suffocating The Bloom
Brett Kull of Echolyn/Still/Almost Always - Station ID #3
Led Zeppelin - The Wanton Song, from the 1975 album Physical Graffiti
TRS Show 655 Voiceover 1
Black Sabbath - Megalomania, from the 1975 album Sabotage
Delicious Agony - The Rickter Scale Intro
Simon, Petter, Sebastian, and Pontus of Moon Safari Introduce The Rickter Scale

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