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Delicious Agony
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Blue Oyster Cult - Burnin' For You, from the 1983 album Harvester Of Lives: Perkins Palace, Pasadena, CA

National Health - The Collapso, from the 1990 album Complete (disc 1)
Jade Warrior - Obedience, from the 1972 album Last Autumn's Dream
Delicious Agony - Variety Promo
Man On Fire - Chrysalis Part 1: In Between The Lines, from the 2011 album Chrysalis
Skeletonbreath - Circus Train, from the 2005 album Louise
Fates Warning - Pieces Of Me, from the 2005 album Live In Athens
Abigail's Ghost - Dead People's Review, from the 2007 album Selling Insincerity
Triumph - Hot Time (In This City Tonight), from the 1981 album Allied Forces
Indigo - Prostitution, from the 1977 album Meer Der Zeit

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