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Delicious Agony
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On The Virg - Alien Hip, from the 1999 album Serious Young Insects

Kitaro - Island Of Life, from the 1992 album Dream
Delicious Agony - Promo PJ DA
Steely Dan - King Of The World, from the 1974 album Wolfgang's Vault: Rainbow Theatre, London
The Tea Club - Wasp In A Wig, from the 2015 album Grappling
Grateful Dead - China Doll, from the 1974 album From The Mars Hotel
Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock - Let The Devil Scream, from the 2015 album Spirit On A Mission
Delicious Agony - Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope Promo 2
Caravan - Somewhere In Your Heart, from the 1997 album Back On The Tracks
Crippled Black Phoenix - Release The Clowns, from the 2012 album Live In Bern 2012 A.D.

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