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The Musical Feast

PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:09 am
by minou38190
Today June 21 th it is the Musical Feast in all French towns, that exists since 1981 (or 1982 I don't remember exactly the year) for celebrate summer !!
There will be, this evening, in the streets of my town and everywhere, in smalls villages also, a lot of musicians alone, or bands, of all kinds of musics , rock, pop, rap, techno, classic, jazz, metal, death, and prog ??? (prog that will be very rare to see one) etc...
That will be great, just the weather is not very nice: cold and a risk of showers
I know that this exists also in some others Europeans countries !!!
But I don't know if in the USA or Canada they do that kind of feast