I just had the best time EVER

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I just had the best time EVER

Postby Poey » Fri Mar 25, 2005 2:25 am

To anyone who doesn't want to read this - It's a great story of the time of my life so far, and trust me, it doesn't ramble... too much.

I just got back from a gig at a Starbucks (crammed in a tiny-ass corner). My group, The B#'s, were expected to start at 8:40pm. There were 3 groups playing, one at 8, one at 8:20, and then us. The first band was clearly the best of all three of us. The first group has some of the coolest people I've ever known, and musically I have a very very strong connection with them. I've jammed with them several times and loved it. So anyway, they went on with their set very very strongly, setting the bar extremely high for one of the worst groups imaginable. At 8:20, this group went on with 1 member missing, and 1 member not doing anything. They started playing with a drummer, a bongo-ist (<--the person doing nothing), and 2 saxists. As soon as these guys started, a huge wave of disharmonic vibration rippled through the room, and I made the sourest face one can make. I immediately decided I was obligated to help these guys out, needed some type of lower instrument to cancel out the horrible high-pitch scream. I got out my bass, walked over, and plugged in. I happened to know what song they were playing (thank God), so I just threw some quiet walking bass in there to hopefully make them sound better. The song ended less than a minute after I sat down, and I was shocked at how short it was. They started another song, this one I was hardly familiar with. I guessed at a chord, and I'm still not sure if I was right, but it seemed to work, so I went with it. Yet again, after only a couple minutes, the song ended. The drummer announced that they were done, and I yelled to myself, "WHAT?! YOU PLAYED FOR 4 MINUTES!!!!!". So, the preasure now lay in my combo, The B#'s, to play for double the amount of time we originally intended. We played set that we planned, and it filled the gap that their group failed to fill. It was about 8:45, and we'd completed our material. We immediately yelled at each other under our breaths what to play, naming songs off the top of our head that we figured we all knew. We played Peter Gun, figuring the crowd would like it. Success! Then we played really really short versions of Lady Madonna and Let it Be (Beatles songs, in case any of you don't know). More success! but unfortunately, it was still only a little past 8:50. The rest of the B#'s gave up. Remember that first group I told you about? Those guys I love? They came up knowing that I would be more than willing to improv with them, and we did. INCREDIBLE. We took jazz-blues-prog to a whole new level with this 10-minute improv. We started with a ballad-like thing, nice and easy, and very slowly picked up the pace. The pianist started this real tap-your-foot groove, and the drummer went with it and took the whole thing from that into the most incredible ragtime solo. I was right on top of everything the whole time and threw some real groovy walk underneath it, while the guitar played some great rhythm chords that kept everything together. We went to some places, brought it back to the same intro riffs, and then back into the ragtime. When we started wrapping it up (even though we didn't know we were wrapping it up at the time), there was a really really cool progression that'll be stuck in my head until next week. From there, the final chord was played. Anyone with even a little experience will know when it's the final chord that the guitarist plays. There's just that certain ring to it that lets everyone know to end. So, we did. This gig was the type of thing where the only pay we got was tips from the audience, and a lot of the tips came in from this thing. I had a blast playing with these guys on an actual gig. I had a blast, and I felt I did great. I'd give (almost) anything to be in their group full-time. They need a bass player anyway! Oh well. I can't leave the B#'s anyway, they need me (especially our saxist).

It turns out we'd made enough so that each of us gets $2!!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA BE GETTIN' MYSELF A GUMBALL!
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