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Garden of Dreams Playlist 2-18-16

PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 10:59 pm
The Flower Kings- Hit Me With A Hit- Paradox Hotel
Roine Stolt- The Pilgrims Inn- The Flower King
The Flower Kings- Desolation Road- Desolation Rose
Kaipa- Ankaret- Kaipa
Kaipa- A Map Of Your Secret World- Sattyg
Ritual- Think Like A Mountain- Think Like A Mountain
Barracuda Triangle- Tumoro- Electro Shock Therapy
Karmakanic- Is This the End- Entering The Spectra
Karmakanic- Do U Tango- Wheel Of Life
The Flower Kings- The Truth Will Set You Free- Meet The Flower Kings
The Flower Kings- Magic Pie- Flower Power