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SSOTS Playlist 4-20-06

PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 9:12 pm
South Side of the Sky 4-20-06

Featured Album: White

Firebird Suite
Yes- Changes- 90125
White- New Day- White
White- Beyond The Sea of Lies- White
Yes- Perpetual Change- Yessongs
Rick Wakeman of Yes- Station ID
Rick Wakeman- Just Another Day- Retro
Alan white- Answering Machine Message
White- Give Up- White
Calprog Promo
White- Crazy Believer- White
Yes- To Be Over- Relayer
White- Fate- White
White- Dream Away- White
Jon Anderson of Yes- SSOTS ID
Jon Anderson- Change We Must- Change We Must
White- Once and For All- White
Yes- Bring Me To The Power- Keystudio
Alan White- Mighty Love- White
Geoff Downes- Station ID
White- Loyal- White
White- Waterhole- White
Alan White- Silly Woman- Ramshackled