SSOTS 3-12-09

Yes and related artists. DJ: Don Cassidy

SSOTS 3-12-09

Postby FKYES » Thu Mar 12, 2009 9:23 pm

South Side of the Sky 3-12-09

Firebird Suite
Yes- It Will Be a Good Day (The River)
Jon Anderson of Yes- SSOTS ID
Yes- Mindrive- Keystudio
Jordan Rudess- DA Station ID
Jordan Rudess- Soundchaser- The Road Home
Yes- Harold Land- Yes
Jon Anderson- Hurry Home- In The City of Angels
Mike Keneally- Faithful Axe- Boil That Dust Speck
Keith Emerson Band (Featuring Mark Bonilla)- Finale- Keith Emerson Band (Featuring Mark Bonilla)
Emerson Lake and Palmer- Lucky Man- Emerson Lake and Palmer
Yes- Yours Is No Disgrace- House of Yes
Peter Banks- Dominating Factor- Yes Family Album
Circa- Its Not Too late- Circa:HQ
Yes- Into The Lens- Drama
Yes- I’ve Seen All Good People- Classic Yes
Don Cassidy
President, Interviewer, DJ, Artist Promo contact
Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio
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