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Swedish Family News

Postby FKYES » Wed Aug 25, 2004 10:58 pm

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wedish Family - Vintage Prog
25th July 2004

Tomas Bodin and Swedish Family proudly present:

At last, The ProgWorld's Spinal Tap


Swedish Family is the all new Tomas Bodin project.

Tomas his previous albums 'An Ordinary Night', 'Pinup-Guru' and 'Sonic Boulevard' are all released on the Inside Out label. Swedish Family - Vintage Prog is released on his own label Helikon House.

At first it was meant to be just another Tomas Bodin album called Swedish Family.

However the project has changed a bit.... Swedish Family is not a title anymore.... it's a "band" .... or should we say a fake band.

The truth is that Swedish Family have never existed! That's a fact! But imagine if ....
Tomas invented the "band" as a band from the '70.

They where very big, very important to other bands and very non-sexy guys playing.

You will hear the same vintage sound as the old Swedish prog bands used to have.

Instruments like Minimoog, Accordion, Rhodes, Hammond, Guitar with fuzzbox and phaser.

What about the songs?

Well, like all Swedish bands during the '70, Swedish Family also mixed the music between folk music, rock and jazz.

You can compare it with bands like 'Kebenekajse', 'Hansson & Carlsson', 'Fläsket Brinner'.

On "Vintage Prog" you'll find the same kind of roots.
Also on this CD there is no such thing as 'click track' or 'computer quantized' music.
Swedish Family is more about a 'warm live touch'.

So.............. Go ahead join the "Family"

We can now offer you a digital re-mastered CD with the most popular songs of the 'Swedish Family'!!

After months of hard work, restoring most of the original tapes, we can proudly present the album 'Vintage Prog'.

'Vintage Prog' is a collectors item including the greatest hits from all 10 albums!

The Crew:

Bo Dean –- Hammond Organ
Veke Berg -- Bass
Algot Davi -- Accordion/Flute/Vibraphone
Redar Gitsdorf -- Guitar
Inge Naning -- Rhodes Piano/Minimoog
Britt Marie -- Percussion
Hadde Wattnåt -- Drums
Alf Willberg -- Soprano Saxophone

Tracklist "VINTAGE PROG"

1. Stoneheart 6.03 (From the album "Even Harder" 1973)
2. A man without mind 5.01 (From the album "But I will take a big step forward" 1977)
3. Gotheburgs Heros 3.58 (From the album "Workers on Strike-Live in Gothenburg" 1978)
4. A waltx about sadness 4.03 (From the album "Who is Cess? 1970)
5. The Last Goodbye 4.28 (From the B-side of the "Making kids" single 1974)
6. From the foot 6.10 (From Success in Moscow 1969)
7. The Summerdress 3.08 (From the album "Why air was clean and sex was dirty 1975)
8. The Flu 5.17 (From the album "Sorry but I have the flu")
9. Östuna Anthem 3.22 (Road tapes from Östuna Church)
10. The Agent Dance 4.11 (From the album "Europe Alive" 1976)


11. Always Grumpy 4.18 Original tapes destroyed this one is re-recorded by The Flower Kings
12. Brunos Erotica 3.06 (From "Hungry in Hungary" 1979)

The albums:

"Success in Moscow" 1969
"Who is Cess?" 1970
"Sorry but I have the flu" 1972
"Even harder" 1973
"When kids do it for fun" 1974
"Why air was clean and sex was dirty" 1975
"Europe Alive" 1976
"But I will take a big step forward" 1977
"Workers On strike-Live in Gothenburg". 22 May 1978
"Hungry in Hungary" Live in Budapest 1979
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