East TN Hot-Bed of Prog?

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East TN Hot-Bed of Prog?

Postby Mr. Jeff » Fri Aug 27, 2004 10:08 am

Well, maybe not exactly but the Knoxville area has a really fine group of young musicians in the area called Ground Lift. I have been to several of their shows and was delighted by their songcraft and musicianship. The first time I saw them, they nudged my band (Pie in the Sky) out of the local "Battle of the Bands." I would hope that DA could get their music on the wire.

In a related story, last weekend I caught Fred & Walter from Glass Hammer jamming the the Wallypalosa (Walter's birthday party), at the Am-Vets in Oak Ridge. Walter must play in a half-dozen bands aroung here. He, in a round-about way, turned me onto DA (by introducimg me to Spock's Beard). Also, Knoxville was recently treated to a rare Glass Hammer performance at an area nightclub.
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