Flower Kings dumping Zoltan

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Flower Kings dumping Zoltan

Postby elliot » Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:05 pm

After months of discussions, anguish and hard thinking the band have decided that Zoltan is, despite his obvious skills and virtuosity, not the drummer that The Flower kings complex music requires.

Zoltan is in many ways a master or even monster of grooves and improvisation and a man who lives in the present with a strong passion and presentation in what is happening "now", musically speaking. His chops are top notch and anyone who have seen the man in action knows he's one of the most expressive and passionate drummers around, we will all miss that part.

However, the direction that the FK music goes does not 100% fit Zoltans ways of musical expression and the drummer position is very, very critical for such a large scale project. This may all sound VERY strange or even impossible to believe for some of you,but trust me, things will improve and just trust the power of the music itself.

So now you ask yourselves, "is this the end" of the Jonas & Zoltan era? Regarded as the best rhythm section in prog (ever?). The answer is no, you will still be able to hear them in Karmakanic and I've also expressed interest in working with Zoltan & Jonas in other, more improvisonal projects in the future. I and the rest of the band wish Zoltan all possible luck in all the music projects he's involved with at the moment and we hope to keep you all informed about his future activities. I'm positively gonna continue diggin' whatever he's playing on .

So one star leaves and I'm confident saying that another one enters. We'd like to present to you Marcus Liliequist.

Marcus is a 24 year old drummer from Malmo, Sweden, who after finishing his musical education (same as Zoltan) have been playing and recording in various styles, leaning mostly towards rock. Marcus is a hard working drummer and very much in demand in sessions and touring, but has now decided that he wanted to be in a band and what better band is there if you want to express all passion or weirdness than The Flower Kings!!??

We think Marcus has all the skills, duration and knowledge that is required to fit in and execute & keep track of the complex music that we write and play with a passion and maybe even a bit of muscle, as thin as he may look. Yes we feel the music may take on a hard hitting rockier edge, while still keeping the rhythmic complexity and a bit of the jazzier flair.

Marcus will be doing his debut live with the TFK gang on the Instrumental tour that start in Hamburg on March 31st. Don't miss this!!!

Next to follow is the American tour and this will all be your first chance to check out Marcus playing with a full Flower Kings band, songs from Adam & Eve but augmented with a bunch of older classics and favourites.

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Postby hoosier » Mon Feb 07, 2005 5:30 pm

Neat, Elliot. Dos thumbs up for keepin' yo' folk in da loop!
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