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Dream Aria

Postby annbur » Sat Mar 19, 2005 4:42 am

:D Hi all:

Love this site! Tons of great info!

Just wanted to post a note about my band Dream Aria's debut cd "In The Wake". We blend languages, music eras, vocal styles/timbres, old and new instrument sounds/fx and different genres. Our music knows no rules or boundaries. We have no gimmicks or cookie-cutter songs- just music.

The genres include prog, rock, goth, pagan, world, techno, ambient, classical and new age. Every song is different. The cd is meant to be a musical journey. It's best listened to with the lights dim, sitting back comfortably, hot tea at hand and turned up loud. Headphones are also good! Let the music take you away!

We'd love your feedback. You can listen to and/or buy the cd at http://www.dreamaria.com.

All the best,
Ann Aria :D :wink:
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