Nektar Feat, On New Soundtrack

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Nektar Feat, On New Soundtrack

Postby glassonyonpr » Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:17 pm

For Immediate Release

Soundtrack To The Heart-Pounding Heist Thriller DIAMOND CARTEL To Be Released April 7!

Features performances by DMX, 3TEETH, The Warlocks, Nektar, Captain Beyond, Christian Death and more!

Los Angeles, CA - The official motion picture soundtrack to the thrilling and stylish diamond heist movie Diamond Cartel will be hitting stores on April 7 hot on the heels of the film’s theatrical run, which started March 24, and the upcoming digital release on April 4! The film stars Emmy winner Armand Assante, martial arts superstars Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Mortal Combat, The Man In The High Castle) and Bolo Yeung (Bloodsport, Enter The Dragon) as well as the final screen performance of British legend of the stage and screen Peter O’Toole. The soundtrack mixes full-throttle electronic and industrial music for the film’s many explosive action set pieces, including an unforgettable, outrageously over-the-top shootout set to the throbbing beats of Psychopomps’ “The Slaughter.” Meanwhile, the movie’s more dramatic moments are scored to the best of atmospheric indie and prog rock from L.A.’s own The Warlocks and Magic Wands to Captain Beyond and Nektar. Heard together, the 17 track collection creates a unique experience that perfectly captures the roller coaster ride of the film!

Check out the trailer for Diamond Cartel here:

Track List:
1. Captain Beyond - Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air)
2. Space Temple feat. Huw Lloyd-Langton - Atomic Rain
3. Blackburner - I Wanna See You
4. The Warlocks - Only You
5. Magic Wands - Jupiter
6. Psychopomps - The Slaughter
7. Diamond Cartel Orchestra - Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air) [Orchestral Version]
8. Mussa’s Song
9. Oranjjoolius feat. Armen Ra - Roll Tide
10. Blackburner vs. DMX - Dog Madness
11. Simcard - Right Now
12. Nektar - It’s All In The Mind
13. Hedersleben - Rarefied Air
14. 3Teeth - Degrade
15. Anti-Nowhere League - A Bad Storm
16. Blackburner vs. DMX - Game
17. Christian Death - The Angels (Cruciform) [The Zend-Avesta Mix by Laibach]

Buy the CD: ... dtrack-cd/
Buy the digital version: ... t=1000lt9k

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