Dean Watson's new work "Track Of Days" out September 8

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Dean Watson's new work "Track Of Days" out September 8

Postby Dean » Thu Sep 06, 2018 1:09 pm

Track Of Days ...

My latest work - "Track Of Days" will be released this Saturday September 8th. The CD is quite a departure from anything else I have done, for one, it contains the 50 minute epic "Track Of Days" which is divided into 6 acts. It's meant to be listened to in its entirety with no gaps between each section - if you burn it to CD, please select gapless so it flows properly. Also, I have finally rid myself of Pro Tools and recorded "Track Of Days" entirely in Reaper. The source file for this was all recorded in 24/96 resolution - I hope Bandcamp will allow you to get it that way also. CD Baby will have it for download as well, although I think they might be in MP3 (320K) format. It will of course end up on Spotify, ITunes, Amazon after a while. Stay tuned to FACEBOOK for the release notification. I hope you enjoy "Track Of Days" as much as I did creating it! Cheers!
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