News on ROSFEST 2005

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News on ROSFEST 2005

Postby FKYES » Wed Aug 25, 2004 5:27 pm

By now you have probably heard the great news.
We signed The Tangent and Tiles to the bill.

Just in case you didn't know about them here's an update

Second Day April 24th


Genre: Symphonic Prog / Canterbury / Jazz Fusion
*Note - Specific lineup is to be announced.

The TANGENT is a musical project that involves seven of the most dedicated progressive musicians today. The band consists of Roine STOLT, Jonas REINGOLD & Zoltan CZSORZ (all from The FLOWER KINGS), Sam BAINE & Andy TILLISON (from PARALLEL Or 90 DEGREES), Guy MANNING (MANNING), and Theo TRAVIS (ex-Gong, Porcupine Tree). A line-up that historically spans the whole of the progressive music era.

The Tangent's debut album, The Music That Died Alone was released on Sept 22 - 2003 by Inside Out Records and gained world wide notoriety and was awarded best prog album of the year in most progressive rock websites.

While there may be some room for argument as to whether The Tangent’s debut album, The Music That Died Alone was the 2003 Album of the Year, there is no possible doubt that it was surprise album of the year. Conceived of by bandleader, keyboardist and vocalist Andy Tillison as “the Next Great English Prog Album,” The Music That Died Alone offered rich symphonic prog that looked back to Prog’s First Wave but also found plenty of space for the criminally underappreciated Canterbury movement and even some spicy little hints of punk. It took the Prog world by storm.

And yet, how could The Music That Died Alone have been such a surprise? After all, the album featured contributions from major figures from all three of Prog’s great eras. From Prog’s Golden Age came Van der Graaf Generator’s David Jackson on saxophone and flute. From Kaipa and The Flower Kings, the band offered Roine Stolt on guitar and vocals – along with Flower Kings bass player Jonas Reingold and drummer Zoltan Csorsz. The latter two, along with Parallel or 90 Degrees’ Tillison and Sam Baine (and Guy Manning of the Manning Band and proto-PO90 act Gold Frankincense & Disk Drive) represented prog’s current Third Wave. Given the phenomenal success of their debut album, the band’s follow up, The World We Drive Through, scheduled for release in early fall 2004, is unlikely to catch anyone in the Prog world by surprise.

While many have referred to The Tangent as a “supergroup,” the fact is that The Music That Died Alone began life as an Andy Tillison solo project. The World We Drive Through leaves no doubt that the project has morphed into a permanent band. And, in the grand tradition of prog, along with real band-dom have come personnel changes. On The World We Drive Through David Jackson has given way to noted Theo Travis (ex-Gong, Porcupine Tree and a significant jazz artist in his own right). Although The Tangent 'touring' band lineup is not yet confirmed for 2005 you can be sure that any further replacements will again be of the highest caliber as the band build on their success and reinforce themselves as the 21st century's first new major Progressive act.

Whatever the details, what Andy Tillison has put together in The Tangent is a full-fledged leading light on Prog’s current event horizon, bending both space and time... ROSFEST is very pleased to have them grace our stage in 2005.

First Day April 23rd second band

TILES Detroit, Michigan - USA
Genre: Progressive hard rock
Tiles is a progressive hard rock band from Detroit, MI featuring Pat DeLeon (drums), Chris Herin (guitar), Paul Rarick (vocals), and Jeff Whittle (bass). Signed to Inside Out Music in North America and Europe, Tiles was formed in February 1993. The past ten years have seen the band develop and refine a sound that blends experimental progressive rock overtones with an aggressive hard rock edge. Mixed with lyrics of an "observational" or "human-centric" quality, Tiles continues to cultivate a sound that rewards more than just passive listening. Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull calls Tiles "...undoubtedly one of the brighter hopes for the musical millennium!"

Tiles recently completed their fourth CD, Window Dressing. Produced,engineered, and mixed by Terry Brown (Rush, Cutting Crew, Fates Warning,), Window Dressing revolves around the 17-minute title track and the concept that there is always "more (or less) than meets the eye" in any encounter. The CD features the design and artwork of award winning artist Hugh Syme (Aerosmith, Rush, Megadeth), and features several special guests: Kim Mitchell, guitar; Matthew Parmenter, violin; and Hugh Syme, keyboards. Window Dressing was released in May 2004. Look for this exciting band to play hits from their previous albums as well as their new album on the ROSFest stage
in April 2005.

ROSFEST is very pleased to have this exciting progressive hard rock band grace our stage in 2005.


Gold seat tickets will go on sale on Friday October 30th at 12 Noon EST.

Ticket price is 165.00.

There will be no limit per-person. You will need to go to the ROSfest website and click on the ticket info tab and then follow the directions on that page to purchase your tickets.

This year you will also be able to purchase pre-show tickets in addition to your gold seat tickets.
The price of the pre-show ticket has not been determined yet. TBA

Note - These tickets go well as a Christmas present. So why not give someone some cheer this year and give them a ROSfest present they will never forget!

First come first served.

Note - Next year we will research the possibility of grandfathering these tickets. We will take a poll and see what you decide what you would like us to do.

Lodging for the Rites of Spring Festival

Book your rooms now at the Sheraton hotel from July 26th to April 08 - 2005 Attendees click on the link below to book a room. Rooms are filling up fast. ... ngPage.jsp

If you have any questions you can call me at 484-432-7357 and I will be glad to answer them.

Your friends in prog,
George & Tom
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