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Your personal favorite musisian on each instrament.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 9:14 pm
by hu0bV sn0!7!l3p
i'll post my favoreits soon. i need a while to think about it.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 9:47 pm
by Poey
Bass - John Myung 100%

Guitar - I dunno, there are too damn many that are crazily good, but John Petrucci is my current fav

Drums - Rod Morgenstein, but Mike Portnoy is the awesomest

Keyboard - Jordan Rudess!

Vocals - Jason Cruz (doubt anyone knows him)

I think I might be a little too into Dream Theater. ... . . Wait, no, that isn't possible.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 9:51 pm
by LesPaul1059
Guitars: Yeah there are too many, but jeeze do I love petrucci.
Keyboards: Sherinian and Rudess, more Rudess though
Drums: Morgenstein, Portnoy, Donati, Grohl
Bass: Sheehan, Myung, and Tony Levin
Vocals: Vocals is something I don't really look for, so I cannot give you an honest answer. I mean if the vocals suck and all, it's obvious, but I just don't pick singers.

Yes I am weird. My regrets.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 10:01 pm
by durga2112
I don't think I could narrow it down to just one person for most of these categories, but I'll try to limit myself to no more than two or three. I'm a huge Dream Theater fan, so I have a natural bias towards those guys, so I'll try to keep them out of this - they would all be within my top 3's anyway. :P

Guitars: Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai
Keyboards: Derek Sherinian and Neal Morse (I haven't heard much Morse at all, but I love what I've heard so far)
Drums: Neil Peart and John Bonham
Bass: Geddy Lee and Pete Trewavas
Vocals: Freddie Mercury and Steve Hogarth

PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 10:06 pm
by pogoowner
Bass: Geddy Lee
Guitar: Jim Matheos/John Petrucci
Keyboard: Kerry Livgren/Jordan Rudess
Drums: Mark Zonder
Vocals: Steve Walsh

PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, 2004 12:25 am
by hu0bV sn0!7!l3p
ok. i've thought of two so far.

bass: Tony Levin
vocals: Peter Gabreal

PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, 2004 8:59 am
Vocals- Jon Anderson, Roine Stolt, Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel
Bass- Squire, Geddy Lee, Jonas Reingold
Keys- Wakeman, emerson, Tomas Bodin
Drums- Peart, Bruford
Guitar- Roine Stolt, Steve Howe, Steve Hackett, Andy Latimer, David Gilmour

PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, 2004 11:53 am
by Tim_DJ
Drums - Toss up between Portnoy and Donati
Guitar - Joe Satriani
Bass - Geddy Lee
Keys (band) - Jordan Rudess
Keys (solo) - Derek Sherinian

PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, 2004 2:15 pm
by hu0bV sn0!7!l3p
Drums: Bill Bruford

PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2004 1:55 pm
by NecroVMX
I shall list 2 for each

drums -- Neil Peart and Mike Portnoy
guitar -- John Petrucci and Steve Howe
bass -- John Myung and Geddy Lee
keys -- Jordan Rudess and Rick Wakeman
vocals -- James LaBrie and Mikael Akerfeldt

PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2004 2:44 pm
by diddy
Vocals: Daniel Gildenlöw/Peter Hammill
Keyboards: Jordan Rudess, Michael Hoenig
Bass: Jonas Reingold, Levin for the Stick and Gunn for Warr Guitar
Guitar: Fripp, Gilmour, Petrucci, McLaughlin, Ulbrich too many, can't decide
Melotron: Nicklas Berg/Thomas Johnson
Flute and several other wind instruemnts: Richard Harvey (Gryphon)/Anna Holmgren
Saxophone: David Jackson
Drums: Portnoy, Bozzio, Cobham or Zoltan Csorsz
Percussions: Hasse Bruniusson
Violine: Jerry Goodman

PostPosted: Tue Aug 31, 2004 2:18 pm
by BassInvader
Bass- Geddy Lee(there can be only one)
Drums- Neil Peart
Guitar(electric)-Steve Morse
Guitar(acoustic)-Paco de Lucia
Keyboards- Chick Corea(no kidding, he´s the man)
Vocals- Steve Walsh

PostPosted: Tue Aug 31, 2004 3:50 pm
by pogoowner
BassInvader wrote:Vocals- Steve Walsh

Yes! Someone that agrees with me! :P

PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2004 8:45 am
by BassInvader
Steve Walsh- just listen to the song "I just can´t cry anymore" from the Kansas album "Power" and you`ll understand why I put him as the number one singer.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2004 10:17 am
by ianmitchell
All these tough questions on this forum...

Guitar - Andy Latimer (the guy can practically bring me to tears with his playing), but of course lots of other great ones too
Bass - Pete Trewavas
Keyboards - Tomas Bodin, or maybe Jordan Rudess when he isn't imitating a guitarist
Drums - Mark Zonder or Rod Moregenstein