Your favourite albums by letter

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Postby leanne » Tue Oct 05, 2004 7:13 am

A - Awake (Dream Theater), A Pleasant Shade of Grey (Fates Warning)
B - Blackwater Park (Opeth), Bridge Across Forever (TransAtlantic)
C - Change of Seasons (Dream Theater)
D - Dead Air for Radios (Chroma Key)
E - Entropia (Pain of Salvation)
F - Falling Into Infinity (Dream Theater)
G - Ghostbook (Kevin Moore)
H - Holy Dio (Fates Warning)
I - Images and Words (Dream Theater), Inertia (Derek Sherinian)
J - ?
K - ?
L - Liquid Tension Experiment 1 & 2, Live Scenes from New York (Dream Theater), Live in Oz (Planet X)
M - Moonbabies (Planet X)
N - Natural Selection (Fuel)
O - Office of Strategic Influence (OSI)
P - Perfect Symmetry (Fates Warning)
Q - ?
R - Remedy Lane (Pain of Salvation), Rainmaker (Flower Kings)
S - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (Dream Theater), Scenes from a Memory (Dream Theater)
T - Train of Thought (Dream Theater), The Divine Wings of Tragedy (Symphony X)
U - Universe (Planet X)
V - Very Harsh Frequencies (CARBON12)
W - When Dream and Day Unite (Dream Theater)
X - ?
Y - You Go Now (Chroma Key)
Z - ?

Didnt go too well did I...
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Postby mr_holly » Wed Jan 19, 2005 3:07 am

Dont know how many or how prog these will be (im new to prog music)

Aenima (tool)
Blackwater Park (opeth)
the Delerium Years (porcupine tree), Damnation (opeth), Deliverence (opeth)
In Absentia (porcupine tree)
Kivenkantaja (moonsorrow)
Lateralus (tool)
Mer die Noms (a perfect circle)
Nucleus (anekdoten)
Orchid (opeth), OK Computer (radiohead)
Still Life (opeth)
Thirteenth Step (a perfect circle)
Undertow (tool)
Wish You Were Here (pink floyd)

all i can think of without checking my CDs. I warned you there wouldnt be very many... Im going to have to spend some money and fill those gaps.
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