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The Spirit Of Rush 071 Playlist

PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2019 4:13 pm
Rush- Limelight- Snakes & Arrows Live
Rush- Entre Nous- Snakes & Arrows Live
Rush- Different Strings- Permanent Waves
Rush- Mission- Hold Your Fire
Rush- Time Stand Still- Hold Your Fire
Rush- 2112 (LIve at the Capitoal Theatre 1976)- 2112 (40th Anniversary)
Rush- Armor and Sword- Snakes & Arrows
Rush- Xanadu- Different Stages
Rush- Between The Wheels- R30
Rush- The Color Of Right- Test For Echo
Rush- Resist- Test For Echo
Rush- Chemistry- Signals
Rush- Earthshine- Vapor Trails Remixed
Rush- Workin' Them Angels- Snakes & Arrows Live
Rush- The Camera Eye- R40
RUsh- In The Mood- The Spirit Of St. Louis