Euro SSOTS 5-27-06

Yes and related artists. DJ: Don Cassidy

Euro SSOTS 5-27-06

Postby FKYES » Sat May 27, 2006 5:52 pm

European SSOTS 5-27-06

Yes- Apocalypse- The Word Is Live
Yes- Siberian Khatru- The Word is Live
Yes- Arriving UFO- Tormato
Chris Squire- Hold Out Your Hand/You By My Side- Fish Out of Water
Billy Sherwood of Conspiracy- Station ID
Conspiracy- Conspiracy- The Unknown
Billy Sherwood, Chris Squire & Alan White- Comfortably Numb- Back Against the Wall
Yes- Homeworld- The Ladder
Yes- Can I?- The Ladder
Yes- Face To Face- The Ladder
Yes- New Language- The Ladder
Yes- Miracle of Life- Union
Yes- On The Silent Wings of Freedom- Tormato
Yes- The Revealing Science Of God- Tales From Topographic Oceans
Yes- The Remembering- Tales From Topographic Oceans
Yes- Final Eyes- Big Generator
Yes- Going for the One- Going For the One
Jon and Vangelis- Italian Song- Private Collection
Jon Anderson- For You For Me- Song of Seven
Yes- Tempus Fugit- The Word is Live
Yes- Hold On- The Word is Live
Yes- And You and I- Close To The Edge
Yes- Holy Lamb- Big Generator
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